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The Closing Process

Image courtesy of stockimages/ FreeDigitalPhotos.netClosing is the process of completing a real estate transaction. The closing is sometimes referred to as a settlement. A closing includes:

  • Signing and/or delivering deeds, mortgages, leases, and other required documents
  • Listing all costs between buyer and seller, including those paid at closing and any prepaid costs, and listing disbursement of money
  • Recording of papers
  • Payment of any outstanding liens

Overview of title work and closing:

  1. Your attorney, real estate agent, or loan officer contacts us to request title work and schedule a closing, and sends us a copy of the contract agreement.
  2. We then prepare initial title work, including a search and examination of the title to determine whether there are any other claims of ownership against the title.
  3. We then issue a title commitment and list any requirements that must be satisfied. We forward a copy of the title commitment to your attorney, loan officer, and/or your real estate agent.
  4. If the contract requires that an existing mortgage be paid off, we will obtain payoff figures from the lender.
  5. We then prepare the "HUD-1" Settlement Statement, which lists the costs including those paid at closing and any prepaid costs, such as earnest money deposit or loan application fee. It also shows how the funds will be paid at closing.
  6. We meet with you to close the transaction, see that funds are appropriately paid, and that ownership of land is transferred using deeds.
  7. We see that any deeds or mortgages are recorded.

1305 D'Adrian Professional Park, Suite B    Godfrey, Illinois 62035    Phone: (618) 466-9418 Fax: (618) 466-9105